Explore North Myrtle Beach on Bike Rentals

When vacationing in North Myrtle Beach, it’s essential to explore every bit of the award-winning beaches, shopping centers, and eateries. Our staff at Barefoot Resort Rentals urges guests to see North Myrtle Beach on bike rentals. Biking around the area is convenient because there’s no struggle trying to find a beach parking spot, it keeps you active, and it’s a fun, affordable activity for the whole family! Luckily for you, there are several Myrtle Beach bike shops near our vacation rentals. When it comes to cycling, our staff knows the ins and outs for your family to have the best experience possible. If you’re struggling to find a starting place, browse through our favorite Myrtle Beach bike rentals below. 

North Strand Beach Services

Location: 28th Ave. S.

Price: $20 – $39

Rental Options: Tag-a-long bicycles, beach cruisers, baby seat attachment, and “kiddie kart trailers” for children to be pulled in. 

Why Choose North Strand Beach Services? We enjoy North Strand Beach Services because their inventory services all guests regardless of age. Since they rent out equipment for younger children, the whole family can enjoy Myrtle Beach on bike rentals. Our guests also love North Strand Beach Services because their equipment is available weekly rent periods. Few to no places in North Myrtle Beach offer as affordable weekly bike rentals as North Strand does!

Trailblaze Adventure

Locations: 3700 S. Ocean Blvd.

Price: $10 – $45

Rental Option: Beach cruiser

Why Choose Trailblaze Adventure: Our staff loves Trailblaze Adventure because their bikes are made for riding on the beach. The bikes’ three-inch fat tires and aluminum frame ensures a smooth ride on the sand. Our past guests have mentioned that they enjoy Trailblaze Adventure because their store is loaded with other exciting beach rental equipment, such as kayaks and paddleboards. 

Barefoot Resort Rentals

After your long day exploring North Myrtle Beach on bike rentals, head back to your Barefoot Resort vacation home. We’re confident that our wide variety of beach houses in the Grand Strand will not only feel just like home but will help create memories that you’ll cherish forever. To learn more information on where your Myrtle Beach bike rentals can take you, please talk to our staff at 866-737-8802.