Beach Fun (at a Distance): 5 Unique Beach Activities

Treat your loved ones to a relaxing Myrtle Beach rental getaway at Barefoot Resort Rentals. You’ll find plenty of things to do in North Myrtle Beach to keep you occupied, from nature outings to our vibrant nightlife. Consider a laid-back day with loved ones and on the oceanfront where you can practice social distancing while engaging in loads of beach fun. 

Beach Fun Awaits near Your Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Rental

beautiful myrtle beach
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Even if the water’s a little too cold to swim in, you can still have tons of beach fun during your South Carolina getaway. Pack your best beach clothes, some screen, and perhaps even some food and games in preparation for a beautiful day on the sand. 

  1. Even if you can’t always be in the water, nothing’s stopping you from being on it. Consider the opportunities you have to go kayaking at Myrtle Beach with the help of outfitters like J&L Kayaks.
  2. Paint the sky an assortment of colors, and fly a kite along the ocean shore. Kling’s Kites has a wide variety of shapes and designs, so everyone’s sure to find a kite they like. Introduce the kiddos to the joys of flying a kite and hold a competition to see who can keep theirs in flight the longest!
  3. Help support local businesses and taste South Carolinian cuisine by ordering take out for a picnic on the beach. Delight in some delicious seafood while sitting in the soft sand and listening to waves washing on-shore. If you have room in your vehicle for the equipment, bring along some beach games—perfect for any group of competitive souls. 
  4. Another activity filled with beach fun is building sandcastles. Challenge loved ones to a sandcastle competition or combine forces to create an undefeatable fortress. 
  5. Scour the shoreline for Myrtle Beach shells. Bring your favorite seaside treasures home to commemorate your oceanfront getaway, gift them to friends and family, or save them for crafting activities.

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